Frequently asked questions

The evolution of the British energy market has given us the opportunity to create an Energy company with a difference. Different in the way we operate, support and look after our customers and at the same time, doing it all with the aim of helping some of our favourite charities with their funding. Join us to make a difference and show everyone else how it should be done!

It’s really simple. Almost as easy as putting the kettle on! Click on our get a quote button to be guided through the process.

It usually takes between 21 and 28 days to complete the switch to Twenty Energy. This includes the mandatory 14 day cooling off period.

You can call our UK-based contact centre on 03300 246000, or email us at

If you have a gas emergency, you must report it on 0800 111 999 (24 hours).

If you have an electricity emergency, you must report it on 105 (24 hours).

These calls are free of charge and will connect you to your local electricity distribution company or Gas Shipper who can give you help and advice.

If you believe that your meter or any other metering equipment may be damaged, please let us know at once by contacting or calling 03300 246000.

You can buy both gas and electricity or just electricity from Twenty Energy. It’s totally up to you!

We will be rolling out the latest generation of Smart Meters (commonly referred to as SMETS2 meters) to our customers, in-line with government requirements, but these will not be available until the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Unfortunately we can’t currently offer energy to customers with prepayment meters.

We can currently only supply energy to residential properties. This may change in the future.

To keep our overheads and our prices down, Twenty Energy uses online billing and only accepts payment via monthly direct debit.

If your statement doesn’t look the way you expected, please call our Customer Service team on 03300 246000.

Citizens Advice provides free, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues. You can read more about your rights as an energy consumer here. And you can ask them for help at any stage during a complaints process. Complete their web form, or call the free consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

Yes we do supply to customers with an Economy 7 meter and provide a dual rate tariff for this purpose.

If you are moving house please let us know at least five days in advance. You can do this by calling our customer team on 03300 246000.

We will consider adding new charities if our customers ask. Please visit our contact page and send us a message with details of the charity.

Our committed aim is to provide all of our customers with 100% green electricity, but at present we are unable to guarantee this is the case due to insufficient capacity in the UK. As this changes, we will be increasing our share of green electricity towards the 100% target.

To learn more about our green energy policy, click here.

It is not possible to say precisely how many shares each customer’s stake will be worth at this stage. However, the process of allocation will work rather like the building society flotations in the 1980s and 90s, in that it will depend on how long you have been a customer and how much you spend each year. In simple terms, the longer you have been with us, the more shares your stake will be worth.

* Customers should note that neither the timing of nor the value of the company at any flotation is guaranteed and the figures and calculations included on this page are for illustrative purposes only. The company is not guaranteeing any such values or timings nor is it undertaking to complete a flotation should market conditions, company performance or other factors make a float commercially impractical or unattractive.

At present we are unable to guarantee this option will be available at the time of our market listing. However, we are intending to explore the question further and to consider ways whereby this could happen without putting us in breach of any rules relating to company law, public offerings or Financial Conduct Authority regulations.

Prior to the listing, we will be appointing an independent external auditor, who will oversee the donation process and provide verifiable proof that we have been true to our contracted commitment.

We’re aware that some of our customers sometimes need additional help. This might be where one or more people in a home are:

  • Of pensionable age
  • Chronically ill
  • Disabled
  • Under 5 years old

If you are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically ill, you can ask to be added to our Priority Services Register at any time by calling our Customer Service team on 03300 246000.

You don’t have to join the Priority Service Register, it is entirely optional.

For full details of our Vulnerable Customer policy, click here.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to support feed-in tariffs.

We are not presently offering warm home discount.

We are not presently licensed as a Green Deal supplier.

If you are a landlord and pay the energy bills, and will continue to do so, we don’t need to be notified of a change of tenancy. If your tenants pay the bills and their names are in the contract with us we need them to tell us at least five working days before moving out, and to provide final meter readings.

At the present time, in some parts of Scotland (those covered by Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution plc), we do not have an agreement with an agent for meter reading services and therefore we can’t presently supply you with energy.

If you are unhappy about something we have or haven’t done, please get in touch with our customer service team, so we can sort things out at the earliest opportunity. The quickest and best way to do this is by phone on 03300 246000.

To view our complaints policy, click here.

To submit a current reading either log in to your customer portal or call customer service on 03300 246000.

Please supply us with two further meter readings at least 7 days apart.

To submit a current reading either log-in to your customer portal or call customer service on 03300 246000.

At present, everyone receives paperless billing and as such, a discount is already built into our pricing.

We like to keep things pretty straightforward and easy to manage. That’s why we only offer a single tariff for electricity and gas. It’s that simple. Depending on your location and annual usage, we’re around £180 cheaper per year than the ‘Big Six’ suppliers (British Gas, Npower, EON, SSE, Scottish & Southern and EDF). Check out our tariff here.

Both your electricity and gas supply are allocated a unique reference number associated with your home. These numbers are different from your meter reference number or meter serial number which will change if you have a new meter installed, for example, a Smart Meter.

Your electricity supply point number is called an MPAN (meter point administration number), is always shown on your electricity bill, and looks like this:

Supply Point Number

Your Gas supply point number is called an MPRN (meter point reference number) and is an 11 digit number and is always shown on your gas bill.

The standing charges on your energy bill cover the fixed costs of providing your home with both gas and electricity (each will have its own standing charge).

These costs include the price of keeping your home connected to the energy network, carrying out meter readings, maintenance and other related charges.

Part of your standing charge will also go towards the cost of government initiatives aimed at helping vulnerable homes and reducing carbon emissions.

If you have an outstanding bill from your current supplier, you can still switch to us.

Your existing supplier will send you a final bill when your switch is complete which you should pay to them as normal.

If you submit monthly meter readings we will be able to provide you with accurate statements and set your direct debit payments to take no more and no less than needed to keep your balance in check.

Your statement will provide details of how your total bill is calculated, however if there is anything that is unclear, feel free to contact us on 03300 246000.

As you are paying by direct debit you will not receive a bill but will receive an email telling you that your current statement is available to view online.

You will receive this email and be able to access your latest statement each month.

Your statement will show your balance brought forward from last month, your monthly energy consumption, your direct debit payments and your new balance carried forward to next month.

We will calculate your monthly statement using the best available information. Like you, we don’t like estimated bills.

The best way to get accurate statements is to provide us with regular meter readings.

You can supply meter reading to Twenty Energy each month – the best time is around five days before your next statement is due.