Company statement

Twenty Energy – Supporting the causes that matter to our customers

Twenty Energy is founded on the belief that a successful company should give back to the community that it serves.

Because of this we have set aside 20% of our share capital for charitable purposes.  These shares have been given to the Twenty Energy Charitable Trust and are available to benefit selected charities.  Our customers will be invited each year to nominate the charity that they would most like to benefit.  These nominations will be taken into account by the trustees of the Twenty Energy Charitable Trust when deciding what to do with the shares held by the Trust.

This gift could make a real difference to the selected charitable causes.

Our ambition is to grow Twenty Energy with a view to achieving a public flotation on the London Stock Exchange or  the Alternative Investment Market within [six years] and our business plan reflects this aim. At the point that Twenty Energy is floated the trustees of the Twenty Energy Charitable Trust will (to the extent that they have not already done this), allocate the shares  they are holding (or the proceeds from selling those shares) among the selected charities, having regard to our customers’ nominations.  This would also happen if the shares of Twenty Energy are acquired by a third party for example as a result of a trade sale or if  by 31 December 2026 neither such event has happened.

Our plans for growth are of course not guaranteed and the value received by the charities will depend on how successful we are, as well as on the market for shares at the time that the shares (or the proceeds of their sale) are allocated to the charities.  But as an indication of what this could mean for the nominated charities, we have undertaken business plan projections showing that a valuation of £100 million within 6 years of 1st February 2019 is entirely achievable based on what we consider to be achievable targets for customer recruitment and revenues, forecast costs and having regard to market valuations of comparator companies during 2018. This figure would mean that some £20m would be shared amongst the charities nominated by our customers.

By choosing Twenty Energy and nominating your preferred charity you could help your charity get a share in the potential benefit of such a share-out.

Important note:  This communication is not an invitation or inducement for any person to acquire the shares of Home Energy Limited.  The financial projections mentioned reflect the subjective opinions of the directors of Twenty Energy based on the director’s business planning and ambitions for Twenty Energy’s business and have not been audited or verified by any third party.  There can be no assurance that these plans and ambitions will be realised.

Note: Twenty Energy is the trading name of Home Energy Limited and Home Energy Trading Ltd.