About us

Hello. We are Twenty Energy

We are a new kind of energy company. In fact, we’re a new kind of business. We believe that business can be the engine of positive change, building a better society for everyone. That’s why we’re giving a guaranteed minimum of 20 percent of our business to charitable organisations. That’s not just 20 percent of our profits, but 20 percent of our whole business. It’s also why we’re called Twenty Energy.

What’s in it for you?

Well, cheaper, greener energy of course. But that’s a given, right? That’s the minimum we believe our customers should expect. Alongside industry-leading customer service of course! But you also get to support the causes you’re passionate about.

And the really amazing thing? It doesn’t cost you a single penny more. In fact, switching to Twenty Energy is likely to save money when compared to the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers.

This is a new dawn, not just for the energy sector, but for business as a whole. In future, this is how all businesses will operate.

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What’s in it for charities?

This is a brand-new income for charities that doesn’t currently exist. This isn’t donations being syphoned from elsewhere. It’s new money. It’s regular and it’s sustainable.

We’ve committed to giving at least 20 percent of our entire business to charitable organisations. Plus, we’re aiming to give our charity partners a share of 1.5 percent of our annual income. Not bad right?

Our charities

How does the 20 percent thing work?

It’s really simple.

  • Switch your gas or electricity (or both) to Twenty Energy.

  • Nominate your favourite charity.

  • We allocate shares to your favourite charity (held in a Trust until we either float on the stock exchange or sell the business – hopefully in around five years).

  • Your favourite charity receives a share of our annual income. Every year. Starting now. We’re aiming to share 1.5 percent our income each year (in five years, we expect that to be around £2.5 million* donated to charity every single year).
  • When we float or sell, your favourite charity can either keep the shares or sell them to generate funds. We’re conservatively estimating that our charity partners will receive a share of £20 million*.

That means your everyday energy consumption is donating money to charity! And it doesn’t cost you a penny more. In fact, it’s likely to save you money.

*For full details, please go to https://twenty.energy/company-statement/.

Our green energy ambition

Our aim is to offer 100 percent renewable energy. But we’re not there yet. Presently, there simply isn’t enough renewable energy production to meet demand, despite what some of our competitors would have you believe.

Our mission

To build a company dedicated to delivering the fairest prices, the highest quality of customer service and new, sustainable revenue streams to charitable organisations.

Our purpose

To use business as the engine of positive change, building a better society for everyone.

Our values

A few words from our Founder & CEO

Twenty Energy Founder & CEO

Kevin Stoker

Founder & CEO

Twenty Energy was born out of a desire to build a business that could positively impact society. That’s why our business is structured to provide charitable partners not only with a regular income from the customers that nominate them, but also a share in our equity. This way, everyone wins. Our customers get gas and electricity at a fair price, we’re able to make a profit and our charity partners gain a new, sustainable revenue stream that delivers year-after-year.

We’ve built an entirely new kind of energy supplier, one that is tearing up the rulebook of how businesses should operate. We believe in creating a karmic balance between businesses being profitable for the good of their shareholders, and being profitable for the good of society. This approach is baked into our corporate structure.

We understand that energy isn’t the most exciting thing in the lives of our customers, but hopefully we can put a smile on people’s faces, knowing that they’re getting cheaper energy and giving to their favourite charity at the same time. Without it costing them a single penny more!

With the help of our customers, we are building a brighter future for everyone. We hope that you’ll join us and help share our success with the charities that you love. We’re starting out small, but in a few years the equity we’re give away could add up to an enormous sum for our charity partners.